Meeting at Oxy to Welcome Bard College to DH

On March 30, 2015, Oxy hosted an informal gathering for local colleges to give a DH welcome to Bard College. The South Bay, New York based college (whose representatives were very pleased with our mild weather conditions) just received their own Mellon-funded grant and have been eager to investigate institutions who are further along in their process. In attendance were Daniel Chamberlain and Chris Gilman from Oxy. Bard College was represented by Nathan Shockey, Maria Cecire, Susan Merriam, and Keith O’Hara. To represent the Claremont Colleges, Project Manager AJ Strout attended the afternoon session.

After a thorough tour of the DH spaces that Oxy has built over the past five years, the group took a seat in the beautiful Verelas Lab to discuss the progress that both Oxy and the 5Cs have made in their Mellon efforts. Hot topics included administrative responsibilities, pedagogy-based grants versus technology based initiatives, successes and struggles, where to look for IT and CIS support, and sustainability.

The meeting concluded with discussion for future cross-institutional meetings. Because the Mellon Foundation has recently shown interest in seeing more DH collaboration across institutions, members from Bard and Oxy are considering securing a grant that could support a larger meeting with representatives from DH funded colleges across the US.

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