Already rolling

While this is the first blog post on behalf of the many people who are working on the Claremont Consortial Digital Humanities Planning Grant (generously funded by the Mellon Foundation), a lot of work is already underway.

Earlier this summer we were awarded a generous planning grant in order to facilitate our work developing a new Claremont Center for Digital Humanities over the next year. At a local level, the CCDH will foster collaborations between faculty, technical experts, and library professionals. In order to do this, we need to identify those future (or current!) collaborators and develop a sense of the technological and intellectual needs of our local research efforts. Recognizing that a center in Claremont will be part of an international network of Digital Humanities Centers (so nicely visualized by CenterNet), we will also be drawing on the experiences of colleagues from around the world. Finally, we will be identifying initial pilot projects that will allow us to determine and develop avenues for curricular integration, undergraduate research, and future project incubation.

While this project is designed to develop local DH capacity, we are hopeful that it can also serve as a model for consortial collaboration. Further, in pursuing regional collaborations, including those with R1 institutions, we hope to offer a roadmap for successful co-incubation and execution of research and teaching in digital humanities. While each context is unique, we believe that the CCDH may serve as a model for other liberal arts colleges seeking to partner with local universities and heritage institutions.

Our goal is to see the work that emerges from the CCDH establish Claremont University Consortium as a leader in the practice of digital humanities within a liberal arts framework. More importantly, perhaps, our Center will be designed to ensure the sustainability of digital humanities work and digital literacies as part of our liberal arts education that, at its core, necessitates humanistic study and exploration.

Digital technologies not only allow us to leverage digital capacities, but also encourage institutions to ask new questions about how we study, teach, and reflect on humanistic studies. They also encourage us to bring humanities skills to bear on the study and use of existing and emerging technologies. By pulling humanities research and innovation into a common space for exchange of ideas, we will be working to increase the scale and scope of humanities learning for scholars and students alike.

It’s going to be a busy year, with lunches on the various campuses, a couple of social events, and a lot of exciting conversations. If you have ideas and/or questions, feel free to get in touch with our project lead, Jacque Wernimont (jacqueline -dot- wernimont -at- scrippscollege -dot- edu) or to attend one of the events coming to your campus. For more news on those events, be sure to revisit this blog! In the meantime, happy start of the year!

-Jacque (on behalf of the CCDH team)


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