Upcoming NITLE seminars: Spatial thinking and evaluating digital scholarship

Please RSVP to allegra_gonzalez@cuc.claremont.edu 

Stories of the Susquehanna:  Digital Humanities, Spatial Thinking, and Telling the historia of the Environment

Tuesday, October 9, 2012, 11-12 pm

Hosted online via NITLE’s videoconferencing platform

In the Claremont Colleges Library – Seminar Room in Library Administration

Collaborative student-faculty research projects centered in the locale of residential liberal arts colleges let students engage in a variety of learning experiences and high impact practices including undergraduate research, civic engagement, and multidisciplinary approaches to complex problems. Students at Bucknell University, as part of the Stories of the Susquehanna Valley Project, gathered stories integrated with mapping from the Marcellus Shale region in the Susquehanna watershed of how the boom in natural gas drilling is transforming communities and cultural landscapes. Seminar leaders will provide examples and lead discussion of how students’ digital learning may foster cooperation between universities, public agencies (local, regional and national) and NGOs in successful efforts to raise environmental awareness. For details see: http://www.nitle.org/live/events/145-stories-of-the-susquehanna-digital-humanities


Evaluating Digital Scholarship

Wednesday, October 10, 2012, 1-2 pm

Hosted online via NITLE’s videoconferencing platform

In the Claremont Colleges Library – Honnold Conference Room

How to evaluate digital scholarship represents an important challenge for tenure and promotion committees, administrators, digital scholars and their colleagues.  In this upcoming NITLE seminar, Alison Byerly, College Professor and former Provost and Executive Vice President at Middlebury College, who has co-led workshops on evaluating digital scholarship at the MLA convention, will review major issues to be considered in the evaluation of digital work, such as: presentation of medium-specific materials, documentation of multiple roles in collaborative work, changing forms of peer review, and identification of appropriate reviewers. For details see: http://www.nitle.org/live/events/146-evaluating-digital-scholarship


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