Join the October Feminist Wikistorm!

Wikipedia Edit-a-thon, a.k.a. “Wikistorm”

October 26th 2012, 3-6 p.m. Claremont Graduate University

Wikistorm will be an interactive, informational event in which experts will guide participants in editing, expanding, and creating Wikipedia articles. Experience editors will help students, professors, and any other interested participants actively engage with and improve Wikipedia as an online space. Participants will clean up, add information to, create, or expand Wikipedia articles relating to feminist or anti-racist topics.

In addition to developing new content, participants will gain technical digital humanities skills and learn empowering authoring strategies. While all are welcome, women are especially encouraged to attend. Visit the Facebook page and the Wikipedia page for more details, to sign up, or to suggest content that needs to be created or edited.

This event is part of the Feminist/Anti-Racist Digital Humanities BLAIS project led by Pitzer’s Alex Juhasz   and CGU’s Eve Oishi and Linda Perkins. Proposed because an increasing number of undergraduates are utilizing digital humanities techniques in their research, as well as studying and publishing their findings using the Internet and online spaces that can be hostile, sexist, hierarchical, overly entertainment-focused, and identity neutral, theFeminist/Anti-Racist Digital Humanities BLAIS project encourages more complicated expressions of difference and identity in online spaces.

Wikipedia Ambassador Adrianne Wadewitz will lead the event and will be joined by Juhasz, Oishi, and Perkins. Anne Balsamo, Dean of Media Studies at the New School for Public Engagement and Kavita Philip, Associate Professor at UC Irvine’s program in Women’s Studies, will also be participating.

For more information about projects relating to feminism in online spaces, visit


~Bea Schuster



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