A “where to start” guide and campus conversations

Among the many things that people first ask about Digital Humanities is the “where do I start?” question, one that is often accompanied by a look of trepidation. While there are a number of really helpful resources, a new one is worth talking about. Jennifer Adams’ and Kevin B. Gunn’s “Digital Humanities: Where to Start” in College and Research Library News is extremely helpful. They give a very brief background to the field (a “new” field that’s 60 years old!) and a selected resource list. While the piece is targeted to librarians, there is a lot there that will be of use to anyone new to the field.

Our upcoming DH campus conversations will be another great way to get a sense of what constitutes Digital Humanities work and to discuss the proposed Claremont Center for Digital Humanities. The first one is Oct 30th on the Harvey Mudd campus – Hoch Dining Hall -, as part of their “Bite of Learning” series. Grab your lunch and join us for a presentation and Q&A. Also check out the calendar of other events.


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