Hackathon in Lithuania 2013

The first cultural heritage and digital humanities orientated hackathon in Lithuania!
Inspired by: EUROPEANA and DARIAH
Organizators: Vilnius University Faculty of Communication (VUFC) and Vilnius University Library (VUL)
Partners: M. Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania (NLL) and “Dizi
Sponsors: Vilnius University (VU) and “Asseco Lietuva“.

Date: 4-5th of April, 2013
Venue: National Open Access Scholarly Communication and Information Center, Address: Saulėtekio av. 5, Vilnius, Lithuania (Foursquare)

Hack4LT is a two-day event intended to stimulate the collaboration between Humanities’ scholars and software developers. Its aim is targeted towards the technology driven experimentation with an existing EUROPEANA data sets connecting various kinds of digitized cultural heritage resources from the European museums, libraries, archives, etc. Free access to these resources stimulates a broad public interest in the European culture and challenges cultural institutions to seek new ways of engaging people, as well as to develops tools in this space. Furthermore, because of the richness of EUROPEANA collection and the nature of a preserved digital content it is considered to be a valuable data source for the researchers of the Digital Humanities and enhances digitally-enabled research in this area.
Hack4LT seeks to bring together software developers, coders, computing enthusiasts and researchers in order to hack on EUROPEANA data. Participants are encouraged to try out their ideas for creative re-use of the EUROPEANA content and to build an applications showcasing the social and scholastic value of open cultural data. Therefore ideas should focus on two thematic areas:

needs of the general public
needs of the Humanities’ scholars
The best prototype in each category will be awarded with 500 EUR prize.

Registration: event is for free, only registration is needed. Please send an email to ingrida.vosyliute@kf.vu.lt giving some basic information about yourself. Registration is open till the 31st of March.

Further information and details can be found here: VUFC website: (in Lithuanian), (in English), or VUL website (in English)

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