DH@CC Digital Course Dev Meeting December 19, 2014

Digital Course Development Meeting December 19th from 1pm to 2:30pm


Overall Discussion Topics:

  • Over the next 3 years, professors can apply to receive a stipend for Digital Course Development and, if desired, assistance from an undergrad or graduate student for their course. Over the course of the grant, 25 courses will be funded. Chosen faculty will teach their course twice in the 5 year period of the grant. They will be required to make a public presentation about their course and what they learned. hese presentations will be recorded and posted in Scholarship@Claremont
  • Chosen faculty will also meet at the end of the school year after they receive the grant, and once at the return in the fall.
  • This committee will establish a due date for faculty applications for Course Development money. We also need to establish content for the application.
  • Basic details to keep in mind: Anyone on the advisory committee can apply for Course Dev grants. Those who choose to be on the panel that decides which faculty members receive the grants, however, must recuse themselves from evaluating.
  • It’s important for us to note that this effort is about the Humanities—as     technology becomes a major part of everyone’s work/life, technology is increasingly present in Humanities work. In other words, technology is naturally finding its way into Humanist work. We want to make it clear to the community that we are not expecting major technological integration into their Humanist work in order for the work to be considered DH. Simply learning to use a contemporary tool in the classroom is on point, although more advanced requests are also encouraged.
  • During the Spring Symposium meeting we established four major themes to guide our DH efforts. They should be written into the application process. 1. Pedagogy 2. DH: What is it? 3. The Humanities: Critical questions about humanities and technology. 4. Tools
  • If faculty are interested in having a computer program or application built, they are encouraged to turn to the Digital Research Studio for this kind of project. Digital Course Development money is more generally intended for developing courses in the Humanities which use a new digital tool for teaching the course, or which think critically about technology, or which integrate technology into the course work.
  • The course will be the intellectual property of the faculty member who designs the course.
  • It is proposed that we will use Sakai for the application process.
  • What will be included on the applications for Course Development Grant Money:

Information: At the top of the application will be a paragraph defining what DH is and what will or will not be applicable as a Digital Course for this grant. Applicants are also encouraged to attend the DH Spring Symposium as useful information about DH, the humanities, pedagogy, and tools will be presented there. There will also be a series of panels/workshops in the afternoon at the Spring Symposium. Faculty may only ever receive one grant for Digital Course Development. They cannot receive multiple grants throughout the life of the Mellon Grant. They can, however, participate in other DH funded events such as the Summer Faculty Workshop or the Digital Technology Studio.



March 6, 2015

September 18, 2015

February 5, 2016


Application Content:

    • 1. Describe your proposed course. Is it a new course or a redesign of an existing course.
    • 2. What are the overarching questions or themes of the course?
    • 3. How does this course add to the Humanities curriculum and/or your departmental program offerings?
    • 4. What digital tools will you use?
    • 5. If you receive the grant, how will it affect your pedagogy?
    • 6. Is there anything you would like to add?
    • 7. What kind of assistance do you need? Are you applying for an undergrad assistant, grad assistant, or other resources such as IT, library assistance, Humanities Collections? What is the assistant’s role?
    • 8. When do you first plan to teach this course? (Faculty do not have to teach the course right away. They may choose to teach it in the future)


  • We will also include a note in the grant application for additional resource requests: If your course relies on small-scale technological resources unavailable to you, a separate application can be made to the digital technologies committee and be purchased for the digital studio.
  • Collaboration between faculty members is encouraged but not required.

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