DH@CC Summer Institute Meeting December 19, 2014

Summer Institute Meeting December 19th from 3 to 4:30pm

  • This sub-committee is meeting to determine what takes place during the DH Summer Institute: two week-long institutes (one in 2015 and one in 2016) meant to facilitate DH knowledge, build skills in DH tool and technology use, and inspire DH project ideas.
  • Information and skill building lectures/presentations will be presented by four experts at $400 each. These experts will be largely in-house. That is, faculty and library staff will present. There is $4000 available for materials and tech support. The outcome of the DH Summer Institute is not a tool or program, but skill building for faculty who are new to DH. The event will also be casual and social, however.
  • We plan to hand out informational fliers about the DH Summer Institute at the upcoming DH Spring Symposium which is scheduled to take place on the evening of February 18th and all day on February 20th. We are proposing June 1-5 for the DH Summer Institute.
  • Possible DH Summer Institute formats include: One-on-one mentoring, hands-on tool use, lectures and demos, participant survey, assessment. It is very likely that we will have a seminar in the morning, followed by lunch, then a break out sessions with demos followed by hands on tool use. Because there are so many DH tools to cover, we will assign one or two tools per day.
  • Themes for the DH Summer Institute include: Defining DH, Tenure and promotion, digital publication, social media, DH projects, DH pedagogy, Critical Digital Studies, Political Applications, Real world applications.
  • Best Practices will be presented over lunch by staff from the library: i.e. Meta data, data management, copyright and intellectual property, privacy, communicating projects with the public, and digitization.
  • DH Tools could include: G.I.S./Story mapping (Warren), History (Allegra) 3D preservation (Eric/Chris), Scalar (Allegra), Wikipedia (Char and Alex), text mining (Sam), WordPress (Char), Omeka (Chris), Twitter (Allegra, Char, Sam), video (AJ), Clicker/Poll (Char, Dani, Eric), Flipped Classroom, MOOCs, and Google Glass.
  • 5C Resources include: Library, I.T. DH lab, and other labs.
  • Because the grant is organized to require faculty attendance at the Summer Institute in order to apply for digital course development, there will be a form/survey for attending the DH Summer Institute: What I know about DH or digital learning. What I want to learn. A particular course or pedagogic problem/question or module in existing course.

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