DH@CC 2015 Spring Symposium Presentations

DH@CC Spring Symposium Presentations

DH@CC is proud to present the following 5C speakers at the 2015 Inaugural Spring Symposium, which will be held on February 20th at the Honnold Mudd Library. Times and locations will be posted in the coming weeks.

HUMANITIES  School Field
Warren Liu SCR English
Carina Johnson PIT History/Religion
Richard McKirahan POM Classics
Laura Trombley via video PIT English
Kevin Mulroy CCL American Studies
Mark Andrejevic POM Media Studies
Jeff Groves HMC Literature
PEDAGOGY School Field
Max Benavidez CMC New Media, Communications and Higher Education
Ashley Sanders CCL Digital Scholarship
Nancy Macko SCR Art
Alex Juhasz PIT Media Studies
Vida Mia Garcia and Tom Maiorana POM/Red Cover Studios Ethnographer and Designer
Jonathan Hall POM Media Studies
Cynthia Humes CMC Religion/IT
TOOLS School Field
Eric Doehne SCR Art Conservation
AJ Strout CC Video
Warren Roberts CCL GIS
David Bachman PIT Math
Rachel Mayeri HMC MS
Dan Michon CMC Religion
Rachel Levy HMC Mathematics

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