DH@CC Digital Course Development Meeting January 26, 2015

Digital Course Development Meeting January 26, 2015

DH@CC Digital Course Development Application: http://claremontdh.com/applications/


  • This sub-committee is meeting to design the application for Digital Course Development funding. It is our intention to make the application available tonight. We will work from the draft we began on our December 19th meeting.


  • For the sake of time and accessibility, the document is being produced through Google Sheets. In the future, we may explore alternative options.


  • To raise awareness of the application, it will be announced at upcoming faculty/curriculum meetings, distributed to the DH@CC Advisory Committee and to the Deans of Faculty, uploaded to the blog, announced at the DH@CC Spring Symposium Keynote event as well as the larger event at the library.


  • The Spring Symposium committee has decided to invest in branded USB flash drives for PR. Along with information regarding DH@CC events and opportunities, a link to the application will also be made available therein.


  • The details are, again, for Digital Course Development funding: Faculty will receive $6,000 for development of their digital course, and up to an additional $4500 in the summer or when they teach the course for undergrad, or $5,500 for a graduate assistant. The grant has been specifically written for course development only at the 5Cs.


  • Deadline for faculty applications for Digital Course Development is March 6, 2015. The review process will take place by the Digital Course Development sub-committee on March 9, 2015. Applicants will be notified that week, by March 13, 2015.


  • Ashley Sanders has provided an excellent working definition for the Digital Humanities. “DH is the study, exploration, and preservation of, as well as education about human cultures, events, languages, people, and material production in the past and present in a digital environment through the creation and use of dynamic tools…”


Below is the 2nd draft of the Digital Course Development Application:


DH is the study, exploration, and preservation of, as well as education about human cultures, events, languages, people, and material production in the past and present in a digital environment through the creation and use of dynamic tools to

  • visualize and analyze data
  • share and annotate primary sources
  • discuss and publish findings
  • collaborate on research and teaching for scholars, students, and the general public.

(Ashley Sanders, Digital Scholarship Librarian, Claremont Colleges, “Defining the Digital Humanities,” Colonialism Through The Veil [blog], 2013)


Digital Humanities at the Claremont Colleges takes an expansive and inclusive approach: scholars who use digital methods in their teaching, research or publication and/or are considering the digital, as humanists, in their teaching, research or publication. Faculty with appointments in fields not traditionally understood as the Humanities are welcome to apply if they are engaging in Humanistic inquiry. Applicants are encouraged to attend the DH@CC Spring Symposium (February 18 and 20, 2015). Faculty can receive one grant for Digital Course Development, must teach the course they received funding for twice within the grant period, and give an informal presentation on their course as part of the grant’s community programming. that will be recorded and posted in Scholarship@Claremont . Faculty can apply for other DH grants: the Summer Faculty Workshop and/or the Digital Technology Studio.


Deadlines:     March 6, 2015

September 18, 2015

February 5, 2016


Application Content:




Will the course be cross-listed?

Is it a new course or a redesign of an existing course?

When do you first plan to teach this course? (Faculty do not have to teach the course right away. They may choose to teach it in the future)


  1. Describe your proposed course. What are the overarching questions or themes of the course? 250 words max
  2. How does this course add to the Humanities curriculum and/or your departmental program offerings? 250 words max
  3. What do you hope to accomplish if you add or implement technology within this course? 250 words max
  4. Does your course require digital tools? What kind of assistance/technology do you need? Such as: IT support, library assistance, digitizing primary sources/special collections? 100 words max
  5. If you are applying for an assistant, are you requesting funding for an undergraduate ($4,500) for summer or or graduate student ($5,500) for research or for assistance when the course is taught? Do you already have someone in mind? What is their role?
  6. Additional Information (optional)


  • We will also include a note in the grant application for additional resource requests: If your course relies on small-scale technological resources unavailable to you, a separate application     can be made to the digital technologies committee and be purchased for the digital studio.


  • Collaboration between faculty members is encouraged but not required.

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