DH@CC Spring Symposium Meeting January 26, 2015

Spring Symposium Meeting, January 26, 2015

  • The Spring Symposium sub-committee is meeting to determine the workshop speakers, their topics, and a working schedule for presentations at the February 20th Spring Symposium event in the library. Since many faculty members were not available for this meeting, we will hold nominations for the workshops today and send out invitations to these nominees tomorrow.


  • PR materials have been developed for the grant and for the Spring Symposium. The www.claremontdh.com website now features the DH@CC logo that Joel Cinnamon of CUC has designed for us. It has already been implemented on the posters designed by Kate Crocker. In the coming weeks, branded USB flash drives will be made available for further promotion of the event.


  • The Spring Symposium has been announced on the official DH@CC blog/website, and several of the 5Cs have agreed to announce it on their events pages and/or academic calendars. News of our guest speakers (Dr. Alan Liu on Feb 18 at Rose Hills, and Dr. Miriam Posner on Feb 20 at Honnold Mudd 9am) is spreading quickly and efficiently.


  • Alex envisions that the “Workshop Presentations” will be 5 minute, information presentations which highlight the use of a tool, method, or larger question for research, writing, or teaching in the Digital Humanities. We will encourage the presenters to raise questions which might facilitate discussion during the afternoon’s unconference.


  • Once we have a working list of faculty who will present, along with titles and abstracts for their presentations, we will upload this information to the claremontdh.com website.


  • Again, there are 4 themes/rubrics for the Spring Symposium. 1. DH – definitions and critical thinking. This will be presented in the morning by Dr. Miriam Posner. The other three themes/rubrics will be presented by our faculty nominees: 2. Pedagogy 3. Humanities 4. Tools.


  • Ashley Sanders will manage the schedule for Feb 20th’s Spring Symposium’s Workshop event. AJ will provide details as they manifest, and meet with Ashley to further discuss publishing on the DH@CC website. The finalized schedule with faculty names, titles/abstracts for presentations, and times will be provided by Ashley and AJ to Kate Crocker, who will develop a brochure and event schedule for distribution.


  • There is now a link at the top of the DH@CC Home Page which attendees for the Spring Symposium may use to RSVP for lunch, and provide ideas/questions that they would like to discuss during the unconference on the afternoon of Feb 20th. The link is easy to access and use.

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