DH@CC Summer Institute Meeting February 9, 2015

DH@CC Summer Institute Meeting 2-9-15


  • This meeting is called to refine the information we’ve been developing in past Summer Institute meetings. We will first address the structure of the seminar. We     will also discuss DH@CC resources and how those resources will be provided to participating faculty. We also want to establish what information the seminar will provide, what questions it will answer. We will provide hands-on demos in the institute, so we need to establish what those look like and which tools are focused on. There will also be a best practices session with the library.


  • The Summer Institute is a week long event where faculty who plan to apply for Digital Course Development grants can learn more about DH, explore possibilities, and build skills for using DH tools. Snacks and coffee will be provided, but participants will provide their own lunches.


  • 10 faculty members will participate in the Summer Institute. Preference will be given to faculty who are new to DH. Applications for the Summer Institute, which were already designed and implemented in our last meeting, are due on March 6th. They will be reviewed by this committee on March 9th, and we will notify faculty of our decisions     on Friday, March 13th.


  • Once our 10 participants are chosen, we will send them a survey to establish which break-out sessions will take place in the afternoon. They will choose 4 from a list of 11, which we developed in our last meeting.


  • Faculty are encouraged to come to     the Summer Institute with a project they would like to investigate. This could be the Digital Course they want to develop.


  • The Summer Institute will work like a clinic, or hands-on seminar.


  • The mornings of the Summer Institute will be lectures.


  • The afternoons will consist of hands-on tool and skill learning. Four experienced individuals will be paid 400 dollars to give these sessions. They will be optional     for faculty, as they may choose to do one-on-one mentoring instead.


  • A best practices lecture will take place after lunch. This part of the day addresses meta data, copyright, data management, privacy, and so on.


  • Following the day’s event, there will be a reception where faculty and facilitators can decompress and discuss the day’s findings.


  • 9:30 to 10am coffee and socializing


  • 10am to 11am: First session—The     Digital and the Disciplines


  • 11am to 12pm: Reading on DH


  • 12 to 1:30pm Lunch


  • 1:30 to 3pm: Breakout session


  • 3 to 3:30pm: Break


  • 3:30 to 4:30pm: Best Practices


  • 4:30 to 5pm: Reception


Summer Institute Fellows, 2015

bill_anthes@pitzer.edu                                  PIT                                           Art

ggilbert@cmc.edu                                         CMC                                        Religion

mgonzale@scrippscollege.edu                     SCR                                        IDCLA

jmhall@pomona.edu                                      POM                                        MS

vhamilton@hmc.edu                                      HMC                                        History

cjaquez@scrippscollege.edu                        SCR                                         Music

gizem.karaali@pomona.edu                          POM                                        Math

gkates@pomona.edu                                     POM                                        History

Joyce.Lu@pomona.edu                                 POM                                        Theater/Dance

harmony_orourke@pitzer.edu                        PIT                                          History

joti.rockwell@pomona.edu                             POM                                        Music

kathleen_yep@pitzer.edu                               PIT                                           IDAAS


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