Course Development

DH@CC Grant Winners and Summer Institute Fellows Announced

On March 9th, the DH@CC committees convened to discuss and select the 2015 DH grant recipients. The opportunities that were offered include Course Development Grants, which are intended to infuse digital pedagogy into existing courses or implement new DH courses, and The Summer Institute, a week-long educational event that will be tailored specifically to the DH interests of faculty participants.

Decision making was difficult because of the inventiveness and creativity of the applications received. In fact, the committee determined that more applications should be approved for the first year round of grants than was originally planned. Though this decision gave the selection process momentum, final decisions were still a challenge. After determining fair and appropriate criteria, however, the committee is pleased to present the chosen grant recipients and institute fellows.

Course Development Grant Winners

Eric Doehne for new course Capturing Art: Digital Preservation and Analysis in 100 Objects – Scripps – Art Conservation

Tarrah Krajnak for a redesign of Introduction to B&W Photography – Pitzer – Art

Gina Lamb for a redesign of Media for Social Change – Pitzer – Media Studies

Rachel Mayeri for a redesign of Art and Science – Harvey Mudd – Media Studies

Daniel Michon for a new course design – CMC – History

Paul Steinberg for a new course design – Harvey Mudd – Political Science

T. Kim-Trang Tran for a redesign of Women’s Work and Collective Actions – Scripps – Art

Raquel Vega-Duran for a redesign of Encounters in the Atlantic – CMC – Modern Language and Literature

Summer Institute Fellowships

Bill Anthes – Pitzer – Art

Gary Gilbert – CMC – Religious Studies

Martha Gonzales – Scripps – IDCLA

Jonathan Hall – Pomona – Media Studies

Vivien Hamilton – Harvey Mudd – History

Candida Jaquez – Scripps – Music

Gizem Karaali – Pomona – Math

Gary Kates – Pomona – History

Joyce Lu – Pomona – Theater and Dance

Harmony O’Rourke – Pitzer – History

Joti Rockwell – Pomona – Music

Kathleen Yep – Pitzer – IDAAS